Some Notes on Psalm 145
Praise, Provision & Proclamation

This is a Hymn of King David and is the last of his Psalms in the book of Psalms. It is also the last of the Acrostic Psalms in which all letters of the Hebrew Alphabet (except one!) start each verse.

Read the whole Psalm through
Do you recognise any of the modern worship songs? (Verse 3, verse 8)

Read verses 1-3 again
Bob’s Sermon on Sunday, 4th February was based on verse 3.  What can you remember of that? (He used the occurrence of Wednesday, 31st January’s “Super Blue Blood Moon” to help us to grasp the Greatness of God through creation. (See picture)
Question: When you think of God what pictures/concepts come into your mind?  

Read verses 8 & 13b-20.
Question: What different understanding of God does this give you? (See picture)

Read Colossians 1:15-17
Question: How does our knowledge of Jesus help us to hold together God’s mighty creative power and His never ending love for us?

Read verses 4-7, 10-13a & 21
Question: What part can each of play in spreading the Good News of our Great God who watches over and provides for His People (Bought with the price of His Son)?

Final Question - If you have time) How has this Psalm and your discussions helped you to expand your concept of God?