‘Letting our children go’ 1 Sam 1:20-28


  1. How do you encourage or force obedience? (Eph 6:1)

  2. There is a period of transition where obedience and honour are together and when the requirement of obedience recedes and honour completely supersedes, or does it? (Ex 20:12)

  3. What do you think Honour means?

  4. Mutual respect is key to relationship, how do you engender children’s respect?

  5. How do you respond when your child doesn’t hold to your values? 1Sam 2:12-36.

  6. How do you cope with them doing things totally against your standards?

  7. How do you maintain relationship?

    1. When they are walking with God. OR

    2. When they are not walking with God

  8. Under what circumstances is advice given and received?

  9. Who initiates advice?

  10. When do you stop supporting them, if at all?

      1. Financially

      2. Materially

      3. Spiritually

      4. Relationally

  11. What are your feelings about handing them over to God and how do you express these:

    1. In thought, b. Words, c. actions

  12. Where is God is all of the above?